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Time On The Water brings you a performance and evaluation workshop aimed at schools, college or university students. The one day course provides students with invaluable insights into how to develop essential life and learning skills taken from experiences gained from Olympic coaching.


The concept is based on taking the experience of excellence and winning in sport to help participants use these skills in everyday planning and work.


Life (soft) skills the course will demonstrate:

  • Leadership

  • Teamwork

  • Planning

  • Performance analysis

  • Self-evaluation

  • Resilience

  • Communication


We live in a competitive world, and we believe everyone should be given the tools to help them to aspire and succeed, this workshop will help participants develop these skills, in an inclusive supported environment.

Time On The Water programmes are uniquely accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management. This valuable endorsement allows us to guarantee an unrivalled level of quality, standards and practices.

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