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Josefin in Bronze with Medal Race to go!

Wow what a day! The forecast was for light winds, a South Westerly breeze maxing out at 9 knots around 1230 and then dying through the day, as a big thundercloud built in the West over Mount Fuji. This all made for particularly tricky racing, the lighter weight sailors having a real advantage in the conditions on Enoshima race course, as the chopped up waves bouncing back off the harbour wall were deadly.

What a day of drama we had though; all of the medal contenders had a tough race one. Josefin Olsson in Bronze going into today and Anne-marie Rindom the current leader both had a 720 penalty turn down the first run (for propulsion). Josefin was in around about eight at the time the Jury gave Josefin the penalty; just before the leeward mark. She some how managed to squeeze the penalty in just inside the 3 boat length zone without infringing. This had a big impact though and Josefin dropped finishing the racing in 22 and Anne Marie 26 respectively. Unfortunately for both of them the Netherlands sailor won the race, leap frogging Josefine in the overall standings.

But that wasn’t the end of the drama as we started an lighter and even more fickle race 10, The Danish Taylor picked up her second yellow flag of the day meaning that she had to retire from the race. But that start was a general recall, now this is where all of the confusion started, in the Laser Class Regatta Racing Rules when that happens you are not allowed to restart the race. But in the Olympics Sailing Instructions you are allowed to restart !

However the Danish girl didn’t know that and couldn’t find her coach quickly enough before the next starting sequence commenced. So in massive confusion wasn’t sure what to do, so figured it safest to retire from the race thinking that if she continued to race she may be disqualified with that race non-discardable. The reality is that if you get the yellow flag and the start then is general recalled you are allowed to restart any subsequent restarts.

This now puts a whole different light on the medal race, which we start on Sunday at 15:30 Japanese time which is 0730 in the morning UK time. The Danish girl is still in the lead but she is on 64 points the Dutch girl in 🥈 is on 71 points and Josefin Olsson 🥉 on 79 points. Tomorrow is a reserve day for us so no racing for our class, but we do have to prepare the boat for quarantine prior to the medal race Sunday.

It’s going to be an incredibly exciting Medal Race with lots of contenders for medals. Team Josefin Olsson are going to prepare like never before, dotting all the i’s and crossing T’s over the next 24 hours so we will be best prepared and raring to go, to attack the racing on Sunday afternoon.

Thanks to all of the well wishers back home in the UK and in Sweden, in particular for the enthusiasm and support of my wonderful family who have been getting up at 0330 to watch the last races (now that's true dedication). For all of you following this blog and my stories on instagram, I look forward to keeping you updated with further developments and on Facebook @HughStyles. lastly a big thank you for being passionate supporters of sailing, thats the winner right now, I look forward to touching base in a days time.

Please post messages of support to Josefin in the next day, all positive vibes help!

Hugh Styles

Olympic Coach to Josefin Olsson Swedish Olympic Team

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