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Running coached online sail racing sessions through VR in-shore.


NEXT SESSIONS: @ 2000 GMT, Tuesday, Thursday and Sundays Weekly during Lockdown,  go to: BOOK ONLINE page or contact Hugh@timeonthewater.co.uk


Medal winning Olympic coach Hugh Styles coaches your decision making thought the race, helping you become a better tactician and strategist from the comfort of your armchair. 


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What we do

Time On The Water provides a range of services to help you and your team make the most of your time developing winning habits on and off the water. We have many years of experience in the maritime and sports sector help people develop whether they are beginners or Olympic medallists.


Our services include:

  • Decision Making profiling and skills development 

  • Coached sessions and coaching programmes

  • Individual performance mangement

  • Team building and development

  • Boat tuning, testing and evaluation

  • Training coaches and setting up coaching operations

  • Performance trouble shooting

  • Corporate sailing event design & management

Please get in touch for a no-obligation discussion about your project, campaign or personal goal.